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Metal Roofs are becoming increasing popular due to their durability and strength. They can make for a very attractive and lightweight option, added to the fact they are incredibly fire retardant and environmentally-friendly as they are comprised from up to 30% recycled material.
They come in many color choices making them the perfect choice to bring a fresh look to any type of building.
At Ron Bell Roofing, our experienced team can fit a variety of metal roofing options including Standing Seam, 5-V Crimp, and Metal Tile and Shake, all across the entire Palm Beach and Broward counties.

Common Metal Roof Problems

Due to their strength and durability, there aren’t that many common issues with metal roofs. More often than not, poor installation is the root cause of leaking or complete failure due to moisture penetration built up over time.
The key factor in our inspection process is to check the flashing for obvious leaks, blistering or potential problems that may be ready to happen in the future.
With our extreme weather in Florida, it’s not uncommon for metal roofing sheets to become loosened by high winds, hurricanes and debris. Other extreme weathers like hailstorms and heavy rain can dent the surface of the metal sheets, which in most cases will need replacement where necessary.

Metal Roof Replacement

Prior to any proposed metal roof replacement and fitting, our team will carry out an initial inspection and provide you with a full breakdown of our findings and recommendations.
Our costs will include the time required to complete the job, an agreed date and schedule, materials required, our clean up procedure and of course, the final cost to carry out the entire work.
If needed, we can offer a payment scheme to suit that will break down the cost into manageable monthly fees, where agreed.
For your peace of mind, one of our experienced team of project coordinators will be on site to supervise the process and answer any questions of concerns you may have, whilst giving regular update son the project as it progresses.
As a fully licensed and insured roofing contractor with over 30 years experience in the industry, your complete satisfaction in our work is paramount to us. We pride ourselves in maintaining a great reputation therefore, we make sure we do the job done right the first time.
If you’re looking to get a metal roof fitted or repired, make sure you speak to Ron Bell, Inc during your bidding process. We may not be the cheapest roofing contractor in the Palm Beaches or Broward County, but we have certainly built a reputation as being one of the best and most trusted!
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