Complete Re Roofing

Why do you need to re-roof your house?

It is not something that happens every year, but the two primary reasons for a complete re-roof include age and storm damage.
Eventually, protective oils and barriers on your roof get scraped and corroded away. This is something that happens with every roof, except tiles, and there is not much that can be done to prevent it. Once this layer disappears, you roof is more vulnerable to damage and leaking. Even the best tile roofing materials carry only a 20 to 30 year lifetime warranty.
In South Florida, we have the added potential of severe weather, which at its worst extremes can damage even roofs that are in excellent condition. If your roof is already stressed, it is especially vulnerable… and waiting can lead to collateral damage beyond just re-roofing.


Concrete Tile

Known for its longevity of life and ability to withstand the heat and weather, the tile roof has become one of the most popular roof types in South Florida. With upgraded underlayments, these roofs with foam adhered tile will last 25 to 30 years compared to older systems which average only 20 years of life. There is a large variety of styles and designs available.

Clay Tile

The clay tile roof is a nice alternative to concrete tile. It requires less maintenance and has a longer life span. Clay tiles provide a traditional Spanish-style look for a home.


Shingle roofs provide great value with less investment up front. Shingle roofs come in a wide range of colors and styles to match your home’s design. The average life span in South Florida is 17 years. We offer the standard 3-tab and dimensional styles, which come in many different color combinations.


Hot-Mopped Flat Deck

Flat roof installed with multiple layers of membrane with mopping of hot asphalt between each layer are proved to be a very reliable waterproof system and will last for 20+ years. HOT TAR systems have been used successfully for over 100 years.

Tapered Insulation Flat Deck

Sometimes a flat roof is TOO flat and will hold “ponding” water. Water that stands on a flat roof for an extended period will deteriorate the roof. Manufacturers recommend adding slope to the deck for positive drainage.

Torch Applied Flat Deck

The fastest and most economical flat roof system offered is a single ply of polyester reinforced, granular surfaced modified bitumen heat welded to the tin-tagged base sheet. Fine for a small patio flat roof.

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