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Recently I had the opportunity to sit in on International Association of...

Recently I had the opportunity to sit in on International Association of Venue Manager's (IAVM)Sustainability101 webinar. I was looking forward to hearing what they had to say about how venue managers can learn to be more environmentally responsible. A lot of good points we're made throughout the webinar, but the whole time I couldn't get KISS out of my head. Not the band (although as I write "I Want to Rock 'N' Roll All Night" is stuck in my head) but more of the simple marketing term Keep It Simple Stupid!

We put such a large emphasis on being green that we aim for the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC)LEED certification and forget to focus on the simple things we can do to incorporate green aspects into venues. Sometimes the thought of being green and the whole process to do it are so overwhelming and intimidating to venue managers that environmental practices get put on the back burner or ideas are thrown out immediately. Yes, it would be great if every venue could go for the Gold or Platinum in this case, but it's just not that easy, not yet anyways. But venue managers can make it easy by keeping it simple! Plus, it takes additional expenses and funding that many venues are not in the position of securing at a time when ticket sales are slow. Again, keeping it simple will help you to reduce costs and help save money to be able to incorporate environmental practices on a grander scale in the future.

By incorporating simple practices venue managers can work towards a LEED goal. This concept applies for all venues clubs, theaters, arenas, stadiums, sheds, etc. So here's a few ideas on how to KISS to be green:

- Recycle It's amazing how many venues still do not offer recycling at their facilities. At this time, every venue should be doing it. Work with a local waste management and find out what they have available to start doing this today! In many places recycling will allow to cut down on trash consumption and save money. Take it one step further and start composting too!

- Styrofoam Stop usingStyrofoamanything. It's a fact thatStyrofoamis bad for the environment. Stop using it. There are so many other available options that are the same cost or less. Contact your distributor to discuss what is available in your area.

- Reusable Dishes / Bottles - Encourage employees or part time staff to bring their own mugs, water bottles and plates to use instead of using the disposables on site. Offer a place to wash dishes by hand and store them for reuse.

- Transportation Find ways to offer alternative transportation to the facility for patrons and employees. Offer incentives for employees or discounts for patrons. For example, Nitefall on the River in Des Moines, IA offers a free New Belgium beer to anyone that rides their bike to a concert. They offer a secure area with staff to make sure that their transportation doesn't get stolen.

- Reduce Paper Make sure employees are not printing everything and using 2 sided print when they do need to print. Scan and email documents instead of copying. At cash registers do customers REALLY need the receipt? (I can't remember the last time I actually held onto a receipt unless it was a major purchase and needed it for a refund or return. Can you?) I'm sure if you put your green thinking caps on, you can figure out many other ways to reduce paper waste!

- Lights Many venues are beginning to see the benefits of LED lighting and switching overhead and stage lights to LEDs. This will help save energy costs in the long run! Even switching to compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) throughout the offices will help save funds!

- Cleaning : Have your staff switch to environmentally-friendly cleaning products. There are so many options on the market anymore! Just Google it!

- Employees Let the employees doing the thinking for you! Come up with a program to allow them to brainstorm ideas that could be incorporated into your environmental practices. By making employees a part of the process, it will be more likely that they will follow the environmental practices and encourage others to do the same!

These are just a few ideas to start moving towards a greener venue and tomorrow. There are many more options and all you have to do is think KISS to be green and reach for the Gold/Platinum. Rock and Roll all Night never sounded so good!

Posted in Home Improvement Post Date 04/09/2017