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Can You Spot a Project Manager? Let's Look at a Conductor of a Symphonic Orchestra

Lets do an exercise to take project management outside of the box. I like to think about our everyday life and identify those events that are unique, temporary, time or cost constrained, and where quality, risk and customer satisfaction are crucial. This is the beauty of this profession; the principles are the same regardless of the type of project or industry;)

Remember last time you went or watched a symphonic concert? Let me introduce an awesome project manager that you might already know: a conductor of a symphonic orchestra. He/she does not have the title of Project Manager but is managing a project each time a musical performance has to be delivered. He/she is responsible for securing synchronization, communicating the expectations and arranging the team of musicians.

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We are in the audience, as customers, expecting to be satisfied by the musical performance that we paid to enjoy within a specific time frame and within specific quality standards. The conductor makes it happen. Everything has to fit into the scope of the performance no more, no less.

He/she has the skills to pull the best from each SME (subject matter expert) who serve as musicians. Contrary to popular belief, a project manager does not have to be a functional expert, just imagine if it would be required from the conductor to be a superstar player of each instrument!

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