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Consider a thrifted frame for your photos!

This morning I made a quick stop by my favorite thrift store. I have frames on my mind these days.Since I recently moved back into my home I have used the opportunity to do some updating. While unpacking I noticed that so many of my picture frames are similar in shape and size. I've been looking for frames with more interest and detail.

I have tons of pictures of my children that I took when they we're young. I'm aging myself when I mention the pictures I took back then were on film. I've recently spent some time scanning the pictures and resizing them to fit frames that I have found at the thrift store. I have found a shortcut that I would like to share with you today.

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I have scanned the old pictures and printed on regular copy paper. The frame you see in this image was purchased at the thrift store for $.99. I applied a little Annie Sloan paint on the frame and lightly distressed it.After the paint had sufficient time to dry I simply applied Mod Podge and placed the picture into the frame. After it dried I topped it off with a thin coat of Mod Podge for this finish result.

As you see from the picture I have not perfected the process. That is the beauty in spending one dollar for your trial and error. I am kicking myself for not taking a before picture. You would have been amused to see where this started.

As a side note, don't you think my son was so cute in this picture. It's hard to believe he's a grown man in the Air Force.

I purchased a frame and a plaque today for future projects. I was smart enough to take before shots this time. Take a look. They have a lot of potential and we're a total of $1.59. Stay tuned!

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Posted in Home Improvement Post Date 03/11/2017