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Revamp Your Conservatory

Adding a conservatory is a dream for many home owners. The idea of some extra space is appealing, especially if the family is struggling to fit into the home. However, after adding the conservatory the room often remains neglected. Instead of making the room work for the home it is used as storage for furniture that is better suited for the garden. It remains unused and a total waste of time and effort, not to mention the money.

Revamp Your Conservatory

If you're guilty of neglecting your Launceton conservatory why not spend some time on thinking up ways that you can use the room more efficiently. Begin by evaluating the condition. Some older conservatories would benefit from being replaced and even redesigned to make them bigger and more in-keeping with the property. Others simply require a redesign of the interiors.

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If you're struggling to decide how to make better use of the space check out these five ideas below for some inspiration.

The Perfect Playroom

Families with young children often struggle to cope with the amount of toys that take over the living area. If you have young children and find yourself tripping over buggies and standing on Lego why not allow the children to have the room as their own. This is an even better idea if you have a secure and safe back garden. Add some soft flooring such as linoleum so it's easy to keep clean and not too hard to fall on. Place low level furniture and plenty of storage boxes for the toys. It wouldn't hurt to put a small television in the space too for quiet times or to use with computer consoles for older children.

The Family Dining Room

Sitting together to eat meals is a great way of reconnecting and learning what's happening with everyone. Replace the furniture in your conservatory with a large dining table and add some pretty lights and a stereo so you can create a welcoming atmosphere. It will also be the perfect space to throw those dinner parties you've been mentally planning for the last few months!

The Gaming Den

Do you find yourself fighting over the television with your children or your husband? If they enjoy playing computer games let them have the conservatory as a gaming room. You can transform the space by adding a thick rug, some comfortable chairs and a decent television. You will need to think about lighting as the sun will cause problems on the screen. Therefore it's sensible to buy some quality blackout blinds for daytime gaming sessions. The gamers in the family will be thrilled and you can reclaim the living room as your own.

The Creative Space

Dedicate the conservatory to your hobbies. There is great light already so all you need is a big table or some comfortable chairs that will give you the space and comfort you need to complete your tasks. Conservatories are perfect for sewing rooms, artist studios, model building and many more hobbies.

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